You are the most important!

You are the most important

If you are a mom, it’s easy to lose yourself in the everyday busy life and chaos. But, don’t worry. It’s absolutely normal. The most important thing is to connect with yourself, to know who you are, how you are doing and where you want to be.

How to achieve this? Here are a few simple steps you can follow day by day:

Seek for small moments to do nothing. Yes, it sounds crazy already, we have so many things to do all the time.  But, we can drink a cup of tea or coffee, while seeing our kids play, peek out the window, see your garden or your favorite tree. Enjoy that little space of your own. 

Disconnect for your own phone. No cellphone in the bedroom, sometimes get out of the house without your phone, try to have one day without technology. When you get home leave your phone in a box next to the door. That will help clean your mind without any notifications or sounds stressing you out. 

Empty your heavy head, write everything you need on a notebook or your phone. Simple, but very easy.

Learn to wait! Wait for your kids to finish eating, wait for your child that is having a tantrum, wait for the bus or metro, wait outside school.

Stop planning everything. Sometimes it’s just meant to work the other way, and if it doesn’t turn out the way you expected, don’t feel guilty about it. 

Stop worrying about things you can not fix yet. Worry when you have to worry. When you can fix something, fix it.

Connect with nature, go to the park, to your garden, flowers. Enjoy the smell, the shapes and colors. 

Connect with your body. Walk more, take the kids to the park and move with them, go to the gym, dance. Make it fun! 

Love yourself, respect yourself, don’t judge yourself, accept yourself. Trust me, you are doing your best.

Listen to the little voice inside your brain. It has really good ideas. 

Think about your past and make peace with it.

There are no perfect parents, don’t punish yourself for things that you don’t or can’t do. Motherhood does not come with a manual, we learn new things every day, the best is to enjoy every part (that we can) of it, so we can be good with ourselves and keep loving us and our family.

Stay safe and have a great week!